Hottest PPC Trends In 2019


Hottest PPC Trends In 2019

Accedo Digital | septiembre 27, 2019

2018 was a gigantic year in the world of Search Engine Marketing!

We witnessed enormous changes at Google, such as AdWords being re-branded as Google Ads and the launch of various new campaign types, features, enchantments, targeting options, and tools.

Meanwhile, at Bind Ads, we observed the launch of tons of new characteristics, targeting techniques, reports and other advancements, but most thrilling was the news of the landing of LinkedIn Profile Targeting.

So what does 2019 have in store for us Advertisers?

Last year some of the hot trends incorporated artificial intelligence, voice search, audience targeting, and automation.

In 2019, though, distinctly two tendencies are in everyone’s minds, Audiences and Automations. Here are the most influential trends you need to know for 2019, covering paid search, paid social, and re-marketing according to our top PPC marketing experts.

Brand Building

Brand Building Example. PPC Marketing

Branding campaigns have a unique objective: to raise awareness and visibility of your products, service, or cause. A customer can now connect with your brand in a wide range of ways, including watching videos, spending time on your website, or communicating with other customers.

Brand engagement campaigns can help you:

  • Increase interactions with your brand.
  • Build more positive brand associations.
  • Increase brand loyalty by connecting with your target audience.
  • Motivate customers to engage with your brand and its associated products.

2019 will be about brand building, marketers have been so focused on ROI that they overlooked marketing is also about creating demand for a product and, conceivably brand loyalty!

Platforms and PPC strategies come and go – a focused drive to highlight brand affinity and faithfulness will stand a longer test or time!

You can find our 6 Tips For Presenting A Proper PPC Strategy.

Audience Dependence

Audience Dependence in PPC Services

In 2018, we saw that if you do not run layered audiences on all your search campaigns, then you are missing out on serious revenue. This will continue in 2019, and keywords will get closer and closer to losing their importance as audience-based intent will overshadow keyword intent.

Keywords will be important, but audience-targeting on the search network will in 2019 be of equal importance for securing high performance.

With the increased fragmentation in media budgets across multiple platforms, we believe that we’ll see all major SEM platforms putting more effort into providing additional third-party audiences and demographics targeting. It will be essential for advertisers to understand how their audiences are performing across all platforms.

On that note, we expect an increased focus on cross-channel and cross-device attribution!


Automation in PPC Services

In 2019, I foresee marketers making strides in areas of automation. With Google’s responsive ads launching, the latest change to exact match, and audience targeting gaining popularity, the days of manual campaign management are fading away.

Especially, when working on a large scale, machine learning is proving to be quite effective. Of course, it is understandable that many are not completely comfortable with leaving optimizations squarely in the hands of the algorithm.

This is increasingly the way of the future. I would suggest for marketers to develop new processes with internal and external stakeholders to account for less control than they are used to in reviewing and managing campaign assets.

As much as intuitively this may seem concerning, it is not: rather manually managing many campaign elements, with AI technologies taking over, marketers will be able to focus more on strategy development and analysis of results.

New Ad Formats On The SERPs

New Ad Format on the SERP rankings and SERP google

We predict Google will continue to create and push out new and exciting ad formats on the SERPs, specifically text ads. Unfortunately, I don’t expect that the practice of having to include three or four “static” ads for each ad group will go away for Search Network text ads.

However, these ads are looking more outdated in terms of management now that responsive search ads are in the mix.

Wrapping extensions (such as structured snippets and callouts) are also looking increasingly cumbersome when displayed. All of these changes have contributed to making Search Network ads look increasingly busy and less visually pleasing.

Therefore, I suspect that Google will soon turn its attention to aesthetics. Maybe they’ll revisit the idea of adding images to text ads. Perhaps logos or — even better — videos are the next-gen text ads!

“Delivering Advertising Experiences”

Delivering Advertising Experiences

‘Delivering advertising experiences’ – that’s what savvy marketers will be striving for in 2019. Search marketing is critical to achieving this goal as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy.


Because the consumer experience often starts or ends with a search, including the very first search click when the shopper is making initial queries at the beginning of a purchasing journey.

Audience targeting for search isn’t new, but audience activation across search engines is becoming easier due to sophisticated, automated buying strategies that deliver relevant experiences across all channels, from search to TV.

A holistic approach to optimization that spans all conversion sources is now a must if search advertisers are to meet their objectives. Whether it’s via offline marketing initiatives (e.g., through a catalog, direct mail campaign or call center outreach) or online (through paid advertising, email, or via a website), businesses are delivering data and audience-based experiences.

Attribution Modeling

Attribution Modeling

I believe the biggest discussion topic through 2019 will continue to be attribution, but for good reason. More companies are embracing that we don’t live in a single channel world and are advertising (or marketing in general) across multiple different platforms more than ever. Since it’s our job to focus funds on what’s working best, we need to find some solutions for attribution.

The problem is, there’s still no perfect fix. I believe more headache-inducing meetings will be had around what is the best attribution model, but I would encourage companies not to get stuck on “perfect” for the sake of progress. Continuously tweak and adjust models based on performance. No single attribution model makes sense for all businesses, so it’s up to us all to find what works best for our unique snowflake of a business model.


Conclusion. ppc trends

In the end, this is what makes PPC Marketing so challenging, the ever growing fast paced environment we advertisers compete at. Therefore it’s crucial for us to be able to adapt to change and foresee trends from audience behaviors to new digital marketing technologies being placed by the day.

We’ve learned that brand building is crucial for recurring customer engagement in 2019. We’re also moving towards a more audience dependent marketing environment, tag along the development of new automations and keyword and product bidding AI and a solid attribution model and we’re ready to deliver the best possible marketing experience for our clients!

If you need help to develop your PPC strategy, just get in touch with us!

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  • cbd dice:

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